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Two Girls in Brooklyn

After graduating from college I backpacked around Europe for a for a few months. As the holidays loomed (and my money started to run out) I cashed in on my open return ticket to come home for Christmas. It was great to be back in the states and speak American english, enjoy the luxury of central heating, and not have to lug my backpack around. After a few weeks I realized that though my hometown had been a great place to grow up in, it wasn’t a good fit for who I’d become. I loved my parents, I loved that they built us a house when they got pregnant with me, I adore the fact that they still live in the very same house, but twenty-two years (minus my time at college) was plenty of time for me to be an upstate New Yorker. So shortly after returning home I left again.



Where does one move to when one doesn’t have a job or an apartment or a plan? Continue reading


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Laurie’s Black Bean Soup

I didn’t meet her until after she was dead. Continue reading


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Orange Food

"snow on deck railing" Sometime around the end of January I find myself eating a lot of orange food. Not on purpose–it just seems to happen when winter is whitest I eat orange. It usually starts with a case of honeybell oranges my parents send to us from Florida. Continue reading


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