I like cooking gadgets, too much sometimes. Since I use them for work it gives me the perfect excuse to have a lot of them. Lately though I have often thought about how much I can do without,  yet still have enough to get the job done. A few great knives are essential, as are the basic pots and pans and measuring tools. Beyond the basics though what do you truly need?

Here are a few of my favorite bits and pieces I don’t want to do without –

My Mother’s Potato Masher

Grammy Caldwell’s Glass Beater

Antique Nutmeg Grinder

Cork “Handles”

Joyce Chen Scissors

Chimney Fire Starter

Parchment Paper

Stirring Stick & Spoons

Jar Opener

Flexible Spatula


Teeny Tiny Tasting Spoons

Aloe Vera

Reading Glasses

Toaster Oven

Paring Knives


Wire Cooling Racks

One response to “Tools

  1. Vivian Cronk

    awesome Cynthia! Can’t wait to follow this blog. AND, I was going to ask for your ‘mash-pee’ sandwich recipe and I’m so glad you sent it (and then some) without me saying a word! We’ll enjoy this for sure. Vivian

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