Happy Mail

When my oldest left for college she was incredibly homesick. In an effort to cheer her up I started mailing her happy mail, which is basically snail mail with a twist – either something in a funny package or doodles on the envelope or a very non-traditional piece of mail.

I was inspired by AmberLee Fawson who used to have a blog, but can now be found on Flicker or Pinterest.  Fawson realized that anything weighing thirteen ounces or less can be sent through the U.S. Mail as a “package.”

Here is a selection of some of the happy mail I’ve sent over the last several years. I’ll update it periodically. You can also find lots more of my own and other people’s  happy mail on Pinterest. Or check back here every so often. I’ll add new happy mail pieces at the top.

Granola Happy Mail

Birds on a wire washi happy mail

popcorn happy mail
Popcorn happy mail for pre-exam time.


An empty gelato container used to mail some happy mail
An empty gelato container filled with some fun treats.

Altoids tin of happy mail
Altoids tin as it’s own very small mailing package.

Foam noodle popsicle happy mail for those hot days of summer
Faux popsicle made from a foam pool noodle. Not sure if actually cooled anyone off during the dog days of summer.

Eggscellent happy mail from a magazine pageRemember when you used to rip magazine pages out and fold them into impromptu envelopes? Here’s an eggscellent one made for my friend Amy.

Turkey and beef jerky taped together for some tasty happy mail
Beef and turkey jerky for a quick snack of happy mail.

Fish mail
Fish mail during Air Force field training. I probably should have done an Eagle instead of a fish.

Color block happy mail
Color block happy mail.

Popcorn happy mail
I was incredibly impressed that this bag of Earth Balance popcorn arrived intact. Well done USPS!

Watermelon happy mail
Watermelon happy mail made from a foam half sphere and a xerox of a cut watermelon.

Tree doodle happy mail
Tree doodle happy mail.

Eat more tomatoes happy mail
Eat more tomatoes home-made envelope happy mail.

Trader Joe's Apple ring happy mail
Trader Joe’s apple ring happy mail.

Blueberry happy mail
Blueberry happy mail.